Land of motors

Romagna, land of motors

Romagna, land of motors: but where can you really live feel the passion for the two wheels? From the Misano circuit to the bends of the hill roads, discover the perfect routes for the fans of motorcycling.

Museums and bends looking out to the sea

Places and routes for the fans of the two wheels

“La storia del Sic” (Sic’s tale) is a special museum, dedicated to the endeavors and the unforgettable personality of motorcyclist from Romagna: a place you can’t miss if you love the two wheels. After your visit you can head for Riccione, leave the seafront behind to drive all along the bends of the panoramic road that connects Gabicce and Pearo: one of the roads, on which the skills of Valentino Rossi were honed, which is even quoted in his self-biography.

But Romagna is rich at places devoted to motors, such as the Vespa collection “Mauro Pascoli” of Ravenna, that keeps a number of different examples of one of Italy’s most beloved symbols. You should not miss the “Contoli” museum of vintage cars and motorbikes either, which is situated in Fusignano, to dream among ancient Italian and international models.

Sic’s tale

A place you cannot miss if you are a motor fan, but also for all those who remember with love and emotion the unique personality of Sic, as world champion Marco Simoncelli was nicknamed. Pictures, items and souvenirs in a small museum looking out to the hills of Coriano.

Between Gabicce and Pesaro

Along the route that goes from Gabicce to Pesaro you can plunge into the Romagna landscape, between the smoothness of its hills and the light blue color of the Adriatic Sea. The road bends will take you to the discovery of ancient villages, on the tracks of Valentino Rossi.

Misano World Circuit

Since the Seventies, the circuit of Misano lies at the heart of the Romagna of motors. Passion runs on the track between sport events of various kinds, for an audience with diversified tastes but all sharing the love for everything high speed.

The circuit of Misano and the Valmarecchia valley

Misano Adriatico is the capital of the Romagna of motors, with its circuit dedicated to Marco Simoncelli. You should not miss a visit, above all when races are held; from Misano nonetheless also a perfect pathway starts for a day on the motorbike’s saddle. You can head for Badia Tebala, to the discovery of the Valmarecchia valley: do not miss Pennabilli, with its interweaving of ancient and modern history. The Malatesta dynasty, he most powerful one In Romagna from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, stems from here, while today the village hosts the curious open air museum “I luoghi dell’anima” (the places of the soul).

The Valmarecchia Valley

Located between Marche, Tuscany and Romagna, it is charming region, perfect for you to discover by biking along the kilometers that divide Rimini from Badia Tebalda. Along the road you will come across villages and castles rich at history and legends.